once you enter in kalenchery island you can able to see the pleasent atmosphere of the village . We aim to ensure that the tourists have a good time seeing and experiencing real village life and they can walk through the village, watch fisher folk at work, fish themselves,visit the farms and receiving with tender coconut.
Coir Making

  Here coir is made in the traditional way in which ripe coconut husks are soaked in water one to two day before proceeding to the defibering step;and then the village women beats the retted husk clean fibers are spread loosely on the ground to dry in the sun. We furnish our guest to see defibering,and you will get oppertunity to see Loom the only equipment used in traditional coir making. The fibre is extracted both manually and through machines. The remaining processes are done by using various other machines like spinning, retting, warping and weaving.

Weaving Coconut Leaves

  Coconut leaves are weaved by village women and watching them doing it with great expertise in a very relaxed ,cool and jovial manner is really interesting. Weaved coconut leaves are used for thatching the roof and for fencing . For this, green coconut leaves are first seasoned in brackish water which will increase the life of the weaved leaves..

Crab Farming

  The mud crabs inhabit marine as well as brackish water environments. 1. Green crab 2. Red crab In these, Green crabs are less attacking. Green crabs have a very good market in the Far East especially in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. Crabs are exported live. In our Island, there is a well-maintained crab farm where the fattening of the crabs are naturally done. Our Guests can enjoy catching of the crabs weighing 500gms to 3 kgs from the farm with the help of extremely co-operative ,loving and lovable villagers

Fish Farming

   involves raising fish commercially in tanks or enclosures such as {fish ponds}, usually for food. It is the principal form of aquaculture, while other methods may fall under mariculture. A facility that releases juvenile fish into the wild for recreational fishing or to supplement a species' natural numbers is generally referred to as a fish hatchery. Worldwide, the most important fish species produced in fish farming are carp, tilapia, salmon, and catfish.

Fishing with Chinese Nets

In kumbalangy, The Chinese fishing nets have become a tourist attraction . Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) are fishing nets that are fixed land installations for fishing. While commonly known as "Chinese fishing nets" The Chinese fishing nets have become a very popular tourist attraction. Their size and elegant construction is photogenic and the slow rhythm of their operation is quite hypnotic. In addition, catches can be purchased individually and need be taken only a short distance to a street entrepreneur who will cook it..

Country Boating

  Country boats are made up of wood of trees like Wild jack tree, Teak etc. Wood is first split into planks of thickness to 2 inches. These planks are then joined with coir yarn with a coir fibre filling. Oil extracted from Sardine fish , Neem , Cashew nut shell etc are used to make a protective coating. Big boats are used for transporting goods and people.. Small boats are used for fishing. Guests , while enjoying boating , can avail the opportunity of having a close watch of different fishing methods as well.


  Pottery is the ceramic material which makes up potterywares, of which major types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The place where such wares are made by a potter Wedging can also help produce an even moisture content. Once a clay body has been kneaded and de-aired or wedged, it is shaped by a variety of techniques. After shaping, it is dried and then fired.

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